URMA 2017 Research Film Festival

Avon Theater marquee

One of the highlights of our annual URMA 2017 conference was our first Research Film Festival, held at the Avon Theater in Providence, Rhode Island, not far from Brown University. URMA members submitted videos created by their institutions on topics ranging from tracking whale behavior across the oceans to solving a 40-year old mathematical mystery.



University of Oregon
Pursuing a Hunch


Oregon State University


Vanderbilt University
Electric Eels Make Leaping Attacks


Brown University
Brown’s XROMM Innovation


A Moment in Time


National MagLab
Science in a Sentence: Teaming up for Science Success

Science in a Sentence: Mapping chemical properties of the Arctic


Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Ship in a Bottle


Georgia State University
Solving a 40-year-old Math Mystery


University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Creating new concrete


Cardiff University
Zoom for Improvement


Penn State
Cacao of Peace


University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Forensic Anthropology Center

Florida Atlantic University
Wireless Sensors


University of Florida
Sea Change


Brown University
How Does Your Brain See the World?