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First name Last name Mepr Title Mepr Magazine Mepr Magazine Url  Mepr Institution Email Mepr Business Phone Number Mepr Active Mepr Emeritus Status
Kelly Lenox Technical Writer-Editor Environmental Factor https:\ National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIH) [MAILTO] 01-984-287-3281
Lori Friedman Director of Media Relations Lehigh Research Review Lehigh University [MAILTO] 1-610-758-3224
Katharine Bullard Research Program Development Officer Lehigh Research Review Lehigh University [MAILTO] 610-758-6672
Kelly Hochbein Manager, Editorial Services Lehigh Research Review Lehigh University [MAILTO] 610-758-4746
Elizabeth Sharpe Assistant Director, Communications University of Washington [MAILTO] 2067789847
Meghan Lepisto Publications and Media Relations Manager On Call University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine [MAILTO] 608-890-2064
Raegen Pietrucha Director of Communications Innovation University of Nevada, Las Vegas [MAILTO] 7028954191
Sue DiBella Executive Director of Community Engagement University of Nevada - Las Vegas [MAILTO] 702-895-4317
Jeff Hansen Research editor n/a University of Alabama at Birmingham [MAILTO] 205.209.2355
Judy Gelman Myers Science reporter The Research Foundation for SUNY website and blog; Florida Atlantic University Owl Research & Innovation; The State University of New York; Florida Atlantic University [MAILTO] 1-212-787-2712
Shaun McGillis Communications Manager Inference - Research at Portland State Portland State University [MAILTO] 5037252210
Lila Guterman Associate Director, Content Development PCORI Stories PCORI, the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute [MAILTO] 01-202-370-9372
Leo Williams Editor ORNL Review Oak Ridge National Laboratory [MAILTO] 865-574-8891
Ashley Huff Science Writer & Communications Specialist Oak Ridge National Laboratory [MAILTO] 865-241-6451
Andrea Gibson Director of Research Communications Perspectives Ohio University [MAILTO] 740-597-2166
Renee Alfuso Editor in Chief NYU Research Digest and NYU Arts Digest NYU [MAILTO] 212-998-7028
Kelley Christensen Science and Technology Publications Writer Research Michigan Technological University [MAILTO] 906-487-3510
Mark Wanner Associate Director, Research Communications The Search The Jackson Laboratory [MAILTO] 1-207-288-6011
Lynne Degitz Sr. Communications Specialist ITER Newsline and US ITER News and Oak Ridge National Laboratory [MAILTO] 8655762244
Natasha Martineau Associate Director of Enterprise Communications Enterprise and impact at Imperial (planned - working title) Imperial College London [MAILTO] 44-20-7594-2091
Displaying 1–20 of 160 1 2 3 7 8


Members Emeriti

Last name First name Mepr Title Mepr Magazine Mepr Institution Email Mepr Emeritus Status
Purdy Judy [MAILTO] on
Naper Joan Emeritus formerly CenterPiece Northwestern University [MAILTO] on
Smith Jason Associate Art Editor Carolina Alumni Review University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill [MAILTO] on
Stephenson Frank (Emeritus URMA Chief) (formerly Research in Review) formerly Florida State University [MAILTO] on
Tibbetts John Freelance science writer/editor Former Editor of Coastal Heritage magazine (1989-2015) Freelance [MAILTO] on
Storad Conrad [MAILTO] on
Hoyle Zoe Writer/Editor [MAILTO] on
Houtman Nick formerly Asst. Director of News & Research Communications Terra formerly Oregon State University [MAILTO] on
Dockery William Emeritus member formerly Tennessee formerly of U Tennessee [MAILTO] on
Charlton Gene Emeritus member formerly Texas A&M [MAILTO] on
Gardiner Mary Beth Principal/Owner n/a Plumb Line Editorial LLC [MAILTO] on
Hagelberg Michael Emeritus member formerly ASU research [MAILTO] on
Hopper Kippra Hutcheson Professor of Journalism (& Emeritus URMA Chief) (n/a) Texas Tech U. [MAILTO] on
Caudle Neil Emeritus Magazine Editor Glimpse Clemson University [MAILTO] on