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First name Last name Mepr Title Mepr Magazine Mepr Magazine Url Mepr Institution Email Mepr Business Phone Number  Mepr Active Mepr Emeritus Status
Elizabeth Droge-Young Science Communicator Freelance [MAILTO] 9704811011
Randena Hulstrand Publications Manager UNT Research University of North Texas [MAILTO] 940-369-7401
Karen Cotton Editor ReView Prairie View A&M University [MAILTO] 936-261-3293
Jennifer Cox Director of Communication NC State Engineering North Carolina State University [MAILTO] 919-515-3394
Lawrence Katzenstein Director, Science & Research Content Einstein magazine Albert Einstein College of Medicine [MAILTO] 9178463537
Kelley Christensen Science and Technology Publications Writer Research Michigan Technological University [MAILTO] 906-487-3510
Lynne Degitz Sr. Communications Specialist ITER Newsline and US ITER News and Oak Ridge National Laboratory [MAILTO] 8655762244
Craig Cook Executive Editor & Web Designer Quest University of Tennessee [MAILTO] 865-974-3464
Erin Chapin Director, Research Communications University of Tennessee [MAILTO] 865-974-2187
Leo Williams Editor ORNL Review Oak Ridge National Laboratory [MAILTO] 865-574-8891
Ashley Huff Science Writer & Communications Specialist Oak Ridge National Laboratory [MAILTO] 865-241-6451
Jason Ellis Lead Science Writer Oak Ridge National Laboratory [MAILTO] 865-241-5819
lisa stiepock editor UConn Magazine University of Connecticut [MAILTO] 860-486-1089
Elizabeth Omara-Otunnu Editor, UConn Today UConn Today University of Connecticut [MAILTO] 860-486-0893
Julie Bartucca Senior Marketing Associate UConn Health Journal University of Connecticut [MAILTO] 860-304-8671
Sudhi Oberoi Science Writer CONNECT Indian Institute of Science [MAILTO] 8579284483
Kristin Roberts Public Affairs Director fields National High Magnetic Field Laboratory [MAILTO] 8506441933
Kristen Coyne Editor fields magazine National High Magnetic Field Laboratory [MAILTO] 850-645-8323
Matt Golosinski Director of Research Communications Northwestern Research Magazine Northwestern University [MAILTO] 847-467-1735
Stephanie Worley Firley Biological Science Information Specialist CompassLive U.S.D.A. Forest Service [MAILTO] 828-257-4380
Displaying 1–20 of 160 1 2 3 7 8


Members Emeriti

Last name First name Mepr Title Mepr Magazine Mepr Institution Email Mepr Emeritus Status
Purdy Judy [MAILTO] on
Naper Joan Emeritus formerly CenterPiece Northwestern University [MAILTO] on
Smith Jason Associate Art Editor Carolina Alumni Review University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill [MAILTO] on
Stephenson Frank (Emeritus URMA Chief) (formerly Research in Review) formerly Florida State University [MAILTO] on
Tibbetts John Freelance science writer/editor Former Editor of Coastal Heritage magazine (1989-2015) Freelance [MAILTO] on
Storad Conrad [MAILTO] on
Hoyle Zoe Writer/Editor [MAILTO] on
Houtman Nick formerly Asst. Director of News & Research Communications Terra formerly Oregon State University [MAILTO] on
Dockery William Emeritus member formerly Tennessee formerly of U Tennessee [MAILTO] on
Charlton Gene Emeritus member formerly Texas A&M [MAILTO] on
Gardiner Mary Beth Principal/Owner n/a Plumb Line Editorial LLC [MAILTO] on
Hagelberg Michael Emeritus member formerly ASU research [MAILTO] on
Hopper Kippra Hutcheson Professor of Journalism (& Emeritus URMA Chief) (n/a) Texas Tech U. [MAILTO] on
Caudle Neil Emeritus Magazine Editor Glimpse Clemson University [MAILTO] on