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First name Last name Mepr Title Mepr Magazine Mepr Magazine Url Mepr Institution Email Mepr Business Phone Number Mepr Active Mepr Emeritus Status
Renee Alfuso Editor in Chief Scope research magazine (forthcoming) NYU [MAILTO] 212-998-7028
Monica Allard Cox Communications Director for Rhode Island Sea Grant 41N University of Rhode Island [MAILTO] 401-874-6937
Katherine Baillie Science news officer Research at Penn University of Pennsylvania [MAILTO] 01-215-898-9194
Sarah Baldwin Writer Brown Medicine, Impact Brown University [MAILTO] +1 401 225 6727
Krista Baliko Research Communications Strategist Discourse University of Regina [MAILTO] 306-337-3369
David Barczak Communications Manager UD Research University of Delaware [MAILTO] 302-831-8169
Julie Bartucca Senior Marketing Associate UConn Health Journal University of Connecticut [MAILTO] 860-304-8671
Nancy Bazilchuk Journalist Norwegian University of Science and Technology [MAILTO] +47 91897321
Diana Berkshire-Hearit Marketing Specialist Senior WMU Research Magazine Western Michigan University [MAILTO] 269-387-8275
Kevin Bersett Editor Redbird Scholar Illinois State University [MAILTO] 309-438-4329
Ted Boscia Senior Manager of Academic Communications Cornell University [MAILTO] 607-255-9453
Diane Boudreau Editorial Director Arizona State University [MAILTO] 480-965-7260
Jacqui Bowen Head of Public Relations and Communications Momentum Swansea University [MAILTO] 292-062-4399
Therese Boyd Editor-in-Chief Research & Teaching at Penn State Altoona Penn State University, Altoona College [MAILTO] 814-949-5090
Jessica Bridges Director for Editorial Services, Department of Communication and Marketing Inquiry Magazine The University of Texas at Arlington [MAILTO] 817-272-5311
Deborah Bright Communications Officer UC San Diego [MAILTO] 01-858-534-8390
Amy Brundeen Communications Strategic for Research UNT Research University of North Texas [MAILTO] 01-940-369-7808
Lauren Bryant Associate Director, Research Development Communications N/a Indiana University Blooomington [MAILTO] 812-855-4152
Tracey Bryant Director, Research Communications UD Research University of Delaware [MAILTO] 302-831-8185
Katharine Bullard Research Program Development Officer Lehigh Research Review Lehigh University [MAILTO] 610-758-6672
Displaying 1–20 of 177 1 2 3 8 9


Members Emeriti

Last name First name Mepr Title Mepr Magazine Mepr Institution Email Mepr Emeritus Status
Caudle Neil Emeritus Magazine Editor Glimpse Clemson University [MAILTO] on
Charlton Gene Emeritus member formerly Texas A&M [MAILTO] on
Dockery William Emeritus member formerly Tennessee formerly of U Tennessee [MAILTO] on
Gardiner Mary Beth Principal/Owner n/a Plumb Line Editorial LLC [MAILTO] on
Hagelberg Michael Emeritus member formerly ASU research [MAILTO] on
Hopper Kippra Hutcheson Professor of Journalism (& Emeritus URMA Chief) (n/a) Texas Tech U. [MAILTO] on
Houtman Nick formerly Asst. Director of News & Research Communications Terra formerly Oregon State University [MAILTO] on
Hoyle Zoe Writer/Editor [MAILTO] on
McGinley Susan Media Relations Manager Name of existing or planned magazine The University of Arizona [MAILTO] on
Naper Joan Emeritus formerly CenterPiece Northwestern University [MAILTO] on
Purdy Judy [MAILTO] on
Smith Jason Associate Art Editor Carolina Alumni Review University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill [MAILTO] on
Stephenson Frank (Emeritus URMA Chief) (formerly Research in Review) formerly Florida State University [MAILTO] on
Storad Conrad [MAILTO] on
Test2 Test45 Director Big Magazine Big State [MAILTO] on
Tibbetts John Freelance science writer/editor Former Editor of Coastal Heritage magazine (1989-2015) Freelance [MAILTO] on