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First name Last name Mepr Title Mepr Magazine Mepr Magazine Url Mepr Institution Email Mepr Business Phone Number Mepr Active Mepr Emeritus Status
Lindsay Key Communications Director Fralin Explorer Virginia Tech, Fralin Life Science Institute [MAILTO] 540-231-6594
Eva Kiesler Managing editor Seek The Rockefeller University [MAILTO] 2123277963
Melinda Knox Associate Director, Research Profile and Initiatives Queen's University [MAILTO] 6139290760
Craig Korn Art Director http:// VeggieGraphics [MAILTO] 303-748-2235
Joanne Lafrancois Assistant Director of Communications Name of existing or planned magazine http:// The Research Foundation for SUNY [MAILTO] 5184347276
Sara LaJeunesse Freelance Writer and Editor Ag Science, HD Insights, Self-employed [MAILTO] 8147773833
Kelly Lenox Editor in Chief Environmental Factor https:\ National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIH) [MAILTO] 01-984-287-3281
Genesis Leong Public Information Specialist Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal Center on Disability Studies, University of Hawaii at Manoa [MAILTO] 808-956-5688
Meghan Lepisto Publications and Media Relations Manager On Call University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine [MAILTO] 608-890-2064
Lindsay Lewis Director of Communications, UH Research The Big Idea University of Houston [MAILTO] 713-743-0951
Jordan Lite Managing Editor Weill Cornell Medicine Weill Cornell Medicine [MAILTO] 646-962-9515
Alisa Machalek Science Writer & Editor Findings NIH/NIGMS [MAILTO] 301-217-9990
Melissa MacKay Knowledge Mobilization Manager University of Guelph [MAILTO] 5198244120
Cienna Madrid Senior Communications Specialist Explore Boise State University [MAILTO] 2084264147
Howie Magner Editor/Publications Manager UWM Research University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee [MAILTO] 414-229-6444
Jessica Manafi Communications Specialist The Pursuit Louisiana State University [MAILTO] 01-225-578-4334
Allyson Mann Senior Public Relations Coordinator University of Georgia Research Magazine University of Georgia [MAILTO] 706-542-5222
Nicole Maranhas Communications and New Media University of Rhode Island George & Anne Ryan Institute [MAILTO] 401-874-2368
Jennifer Marquez Associate Director of Communications Georgia State University Research Magazine Georgia State University [MAILTO] 404-413-4007
Natasha Martineau Associate Director of Enterprise Communications Enterprising Activity at Imperial Imperial College London [MAILTO] 44-20-7594-2091
Displaying 81–100 of 177  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


Members Emeriti

Last name First name Mepr Title Mepr Magazine Mepr Institution Email Mepr Emeritus Status
Caudle Neil Emeritus Magazine Editor Glimpse Clemson University [MAILTO] on
Charlton Gene Emeritus member formerly Texas A&M [MAILTO] on
Dockery William Emeritus member formerly Tennessee formerly of U Tennessee [MAILTO] on
Gardiner Mary Beth Principal/Owner n/a Plumb Line Editorial LLC [MAILTO] on
Hagelberg Michael Emeritus member formerly ASU research [MAILTO] on
Hopper Kippra Hutcheson Professor of Journalism (& Emeritus URMA Chief) (n/a) Texas Tech U. [MAILTO] on
Houtman Nick formerly Asst. Director of News & Research Communications Terra formerly Oregon State University [MAILTO] on
Hoyle Zoe Writer/Editor [MAILTO] on
McGinley Susan Media Relations Manager Name of existing or planned magazine The University of Arizona [MAILTO] on
Naper Joan Emeritus formerly CenterPiece Northwestern University [MAILTO] on
Purdy Judy [MAILTO] on
Smith Jason Associate Art Editor Carolina Alumni Review University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill [MAILTO] on
Stephenson Frank (Emeritus URMA Chief) (formerly Research in Review) formerly Florida State University [MAILTO] on
Storad Conrad [MAILTO] on
Test2 Test45 Director Big Magazine Big State [MAILTO] on
Tibbetts John Freelance science writer/editor Former Editor of Coastal Heritage magazine (1989-2015) Freelance [MAILTO] on