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First name Last name Mepr Title Mepr Magazine Mepr Magazine Url Mepr Institution Email Mepr Business Phone Number Mepr Active Mepr Emeritus Status
Jason Ellis Lead Science Writer Oak Ridge National Laboratory [MAILTO] 865-241-5819
LaTina Emerson Public Relations Coordinator Name of existing or planned magazine Georgia State University [MAILTO] 404-413-1353
Erica Endicott Senior Graphic Designer Research Horizons Georgia Institute of Technology [MAILTO] (404) 385-2747
Bonita Enochs Senior Editorial Director and Editor, Columbia Medicine magazine Columbia Medicine Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons [MAILTO] 2123053877
Lori Friedman Director of Media Relations Lehigh Research Review Lehigh University [MAILTO] 1-610-758-3224
Siobhan Gallagher Deputy Director, Public Relations Tufts University [MAILTO] 1-617-636-6586
Judy Gelman Myers Science reporter The Research Foundation for SUNY website and blog; Florida Atlantic University Owl Research & Innovation; The State University of New York; Florida Atlantic University [MAILTO] 1-212-787-2712
Andrea Gibson Director of Research Communications Perspectives Ohio University [MAILTO] 740-597-2166
Susan Gilbert Director of Communications http:// [MAILTO] 01-845-424-4040 x244
Matt Golosinski Director of Research Communications Northwestern Research Magazine Northwestern University [MAILTO] 847-467-1735
Dana Cook Grossman Director of Publications Emerita and Freelance Editor and Writer Dartmouth Medicine (1986-2011) Dartmouth Medical School (1986-2011) [MAILTO] 802-299-6549
Laura Grunberger Senior Editor Discoveries magazine Cedars-Sinai [MAILTO] 323-866-6895
Brenda K Gunter Assistant Director, Development MD Anderson University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center [MAILTO] 7135637155
Lila Guterman Associate Director, Content Development PCORI Stories PCORI, the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute [MAILTO] 01-202-370-9372
Phoebe Hall Assistant Director of Communications Brown Medicine Brown University [MAILTO] 4018635249
Jeff Hansen Research editor n/a University of Alabama at Birmingham [MAILTO] 205.209.2355
Janine Harasymchuk Research Communications & Marketing Research LIFE University of Manitoba [MAILTO] 204-474-7300
Lori Harwood Director of External Relations, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences SBS Developments The University of Arizona [MAILTO] 520-626-3846
Nik Hawkins Editor Grow University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences [MAILTO] 6088903912
Kelly Hochbein Manager, Editorial Services Lehigh Research Review Lehigh University [MAILTO] 610-758-4746
Displaying 41–60 of 160  1 2 3 4 5 7 8


Members Emeriti

Last name First name Mepr Title Mepr Magazine Mepr Institution Email Mepr Emeritus Status
Caudle Neil Emeritus Magazine Editor Glimpse Clemson University [MAILTO] on
Charlton Gene Emeritus member formerly Texas A&M [MAILTO] on
Dockery William Emeritus member formerly Tennessee formerly of U Tennessee [MAILTO] on
Gardiner Mary Beth Principal/Owner n/a Plumb Line Editorial LLC [MAILTO] on
Hagelberg Michael Emeritus member formerly ASU research [MAILTO] on
Hopper Kippra Hutcheson Professor of Journalism (& Emeritus URMA Chief) (n/a) Texas Tech U. [MAILTO] on
Houtman Nick formerly Asst. Director of News & Research Communications Terra formerly Oregon State University [MAILTO] on
Hoyle Zoe Writer/Editor [MAILTO] on
Naper Joan Emeritus formerly CenterPiece Northwestern University [MAILTO] on
Purdy Judy [MAILTO] on
Smith Jason Associate Art Editor Carolina Alumni Review University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill [MAILTO] on
Stephenson Frank (Emeritus URMA Chief) (formerly Research in Review) formerly Florida State University [MAILTO] on
Storad Conrad [MAILTO] on
Tibbetts John Freelance science writer/editor Former Editor of Coastal Heritage magazine (1989-2015) Freelance [MAILTO] on