Research Roundup

The latest scientific discoveries, straight from members of the University Research Magazine Association. The following is a selection of the most recent stories from URMA members’ magazines.

Animation by Imperial College, London Forest-dwelling animals don't have to live right by a road, pasture or human settlement to be affected by what scientists call forest edges. Indeed, animals up to a kilometer (0.6 miles) from an edge show a measurable impact from their proximity to areas where trees have [...]
Thu, Nov 02, 2017
Source: Oregon State University – Terra
Majorana detection
The figure shows a schematic of the experiment. A magnetized scanning tunneling microscope tip was used to probe the spin property of the quantum wave function of the Majorana fermion at the end of a chain of iron atoms on the surface of a superconductor made of lead. Image courtesy [...]
Thu, Oct 12, 2017
Source: Research at Princeton
Diminishing the Bill of Rights
Author: William Davenport Mercer, senior lecturer of history Publication Date: 2017 Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press Synopsis: The modern effort to locate American liberties, it turns out, began in the mud at the bottom of Baltimore harbor. John Barron Jr. and John Craig sued the city for damages after Baltimore's rebuilt drainage system [...]
Tue, Sep 05, 2017
Source: University of Tennessee – Quest
Novel Affinities: Composing the Family in the German Novel, 1795-1830
Author: Sarah Vandegrift Eldridge, assistant professor of German Publication Date: 2016 Publisher: Camden House Synopsis: Challenges traditional novel scholarship that emphasizes the individual and the Bildungsroman, broadening the focus to the family and both canonical and non-canonical novels, reading them together with biological, legal and pedagogical texts. The novel, according to standard scholarly narratives, [...]
Wed, Jul 12, 2017
Source: University of Tennessee – Quest
Put your Energy IQ to the test, and let's see if you are an energy guru or a fossil fool. [...]
Fri, Aug 26, 2016
Source: University of Delaware
Cool video highlights CCEI's mission of turning cornstalks and wood chips into fuels, electricity and chemicals. [...]
Thu, Aug 25, 2016
Source: University of Delaware
Scientists at the Wyss Institute have improved a device developed last year to treat sepsis that works by mimicking the human spleen. The new device is better positioned for near-term use in clinics. [...]
Thu, Aug 20, 2015
Source: Harvard University Science & Engineering Channel
Twelve advanced research projects aimed at developing new therapies and diagnostics receive support from Harvard's Blavatnik Biomedical Accelerator. [...]
Wed, Aug 19, 2015
Source: Harvard University Science & Engineering Channel